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JIMA is a Greek boutique winery committed to craft high quality gastronomic wines which reflect their unparalleled terroir and the family’s passion for excellence!

The winery was built by Panos and his wife Kristy at Kalomodia village in family’s grange next to their ranch house. The buildings are surrounded by gardens and an old citrus grove. The climate is mediterranean and the proximity to Ionian Sea offers refreshing breezes during the summer. There, family enjoys harmony and tranquillity, both essential to ferment and mature unique wines.

Panos Jimas dipWSET was born in Ioannina at north-west Greece and he is Chemist/Oenologist with MSc in Food Science and Technology. In 2021, he commenced the tough effort to achieve the title of Master of Wine (London). Today, he manages the family’s vineyards and winery, and he is quality assurance coordinator and tutor at the important Greek wine school WSPC. Panos is also active in wine writing. Dr Kristy Karayiannidou was born in Thessaloniki, she is half a Cypriot, and she is pediatrician-IBCLC specialized in homeopathy and breastfeeding consulting. She runs a private medical practice and family’s business “Bel-Air Aesthetics Center” at Ioannina city. Panos and Kristy have two children, Harry and Andrea, the upcoming generation.

Kalomodia village is just six kilometres away from Ambracian Gulf and Arachthos River estuary, close to Arta town. It is about one hour drive from Ioannina, the capital of Epirus, Preveza and Parga, two of the most popular summer destinations in the Greek west coast.

Ambracian Gulf is a unique geological phenomenon which created million years ago. Today, the gulf is designated as a National Park of Greece, it includes two Natura 2000 sites, and the northern part is designated as a Ramsar site. Additionally, the Gulf has been recognized as an Important Marine Mammal Area (IMMA) and an Important Bird Area (IBA).

JIMA runs vineyards in three separated places, all of them inside Epirus prefecture, in the north-western part of Greece. These three terroirs offer a unique picture of the Epirus diverse terroirs.

The first terroir is the Ambracian Gulf at Arta regional unit to the southernmost edge of Epirus, nearby to the winery. The soil is a dense grey-blue clay with high level of lime. The climate is mediterranean and the proximity to the sea and Arachthos estuary benefit vines with refreshing mid-day breezes (Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Vertzami).

The second terroir is the wine-villages of Zitsa municipality at Ioannina regional unit, an area with long tradition to vine growing. The elevation starts from 350 meters to reach the 700. The soil is rich in red clay and the Kalama River moderates the continental climate (Debina, Vlahiko).

The third terroir is Konitsa town at Ioannina regional unit. This is the northernmost part of Epirus, close to northern borders. The vineyard is a single plot of 7,3ha which begins at 450 meters and reaches the 600. The climate is the coldest of the three terroirs. Cold air descents from the mountain which retains the snow until the spring. The inclined vineyard has a unique view to Aoos gorge and plateau. The vineyard is part of the historic ranch of “Anagnos School”. From 2024, the family runs an ambitious regeneration project there.


JIMA emblem represents a stork bearing a bunch of grapes. Each growing season, stork walks among the vines seeking for food. It is a symbol of journey and return to a land where plant cultivation, sheep raising, and fishing coexist since ancient times.

Where to find

JIMA wines are sold in specialized wine stores, high-quality restaurants and wine bars in Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland.




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