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est. 2014

Jima Vineyards & Winery

Jima is a boutique winery committed to craft high quality gastronomic wines which reflect their unparalleled terroir and the family’s passion for excellence!

The family

Panos is a visionary, restless person. He is DipWSET Chemist, Oenologist with MSc in Food Science and Technology. In 2021, he commenced the tough effort to achieve the title of Master of Wine (London). He works as consultant, chief executive at Jima p.c. and quality assurance coordinator at the famous Greek wine school WSPC which is WSET and Wine Scholar Guild provider in Greece. Kristy is passionate and assertive. She is a paediatrician IBCLC specialised in homeopathy and breastfeeding consulting. She runs Jima p.c. and a private medical business in Ioannina. Panos Tzimas and Kristy Karagiannidou have two children, Harry and Andrea, the upcoming generation!


In vineyards, Jima promotes the biodiversity, maintains the natural vegetation between the rows and spends a lot of effort to create the ideal balance between canopy and fruit. Sun insertion and air circulation are crucial to get healthy and delicious grape berries. Five separate blocks comprise the total vineyard area.


Block13, est. 2014, Merlot on P1103 (80%) and Cabernet Franc on SO4 (20%), 0,45ha.

Block20, est. 2020, Cabernet Franc on SO4 (58%) and Merlot on P1103 (42%), 0,7ha.

Block21 est. 2021, Cabernet Franc on P1103 (50%) and Merlot on P1103 (50%), 0,4ha.

Block22-1, est.2022, Vertzami on SO4, 0,24ha

Block22-2, est.2022, Vertzami on SO4, 0,23ha


In cellar, the high hygiene is paramount. Steam sanitation, temperature control and air purification with high end systems are applied.
In winemaking, handcraft and low intervention approaches result in unique gastronomic wines. Manual harvest, grape shortage, whole bunches, gentle cap management, post fermentation extraction, soft pressings in vertical basket press, long periods with lees contact, bâtonnage and maturation in traditional barriques are part of the techniques.


Jima crafts limited editions of gastronomic wines. Each label is one off, the names or the bottle’s artistic decoration change every year. These unique bottlings can age with grace and

the wines have the quality to evolve in your glass and allure your senses. Explore them at https://jimawinery.com/wines/.

“Les Vignerons” project

 Panos has the vision to bring the small vine growers into the foreground. Thus, Jima vinifies and bottles the vine parcels of small vine growers under their names. You can discover their unique stories at https://jimawinery.com/les-vignerons/. Small vine growers deserve our recognition as the wine is a piece of handcraft art made mostly in the vineyard.

Stork is the emblem

Jima’s emblem is a Stork holding a bunch of grapes. During the growing season, storks walk among the vines seeking for food. Stork is a symbol of a journey and return to our grandfather’s land, a place where agriculture, livestock farming, and fishing coexist since ancient times.


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Day1-The Dawn

Day2 – Rue de Soleil

Day3 – Liberté

Day4 – La Farfallina

Day5 – Adagio

Day6 – Dame Rouge

Day7 – Dame Rouge II

Day8 – Âge d’Or

Day9 – Liberté

Day10 – Miss De Bina

Day11 – Jack of Spades

Day12 – Odyssey



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