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Jima Winery

Jima Winery is a boutique winery committed to craft high quality gastronomic wines which reflect their unparalleled terroir and the family’s passion for excellence!

The story commenced in 2014 when Panos Jimas DipWSET established the first vineyard in Ambracian Gulf near his father hamlet, Kalomodia. Later in 2019, Panos and his wife Dr Kristy Karagiannidou renovated the old grange in Kalomodia and the small winery was constructed under the supervision of the architect Athanasios Stergioulis.

Since then, the vineyard area increased, the Greek indigenous variety Vertzami was added to Cabernet Franc and Merlot plantations and the fruit from small vine growers is vinified under the project “Les Vignerons”.

The winery’s emblem is a Stork holding a bunch of grapes. During the growing season, the Stork walks among the vines seeking for food. Stork is a symbol of journey and return to our grandfather’s land, a place where agriculture, livestock farming, and fishing coexist since ancient times.


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Day1-The Dawn

Day2 – Rue de Soleil

Day3 – Liberté

Day4 – La Farfallina

Day5 – Adagio

Day6 – Dame Rouge

Day8 – Âge d’Or

Day9 – Liberté

Day10 – Miss De Bina