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Les vignerons : Stefanos and Vaso

Stefanos and Vaso

Stefanos Sioumalas is an agriculturist and a vinegrower since 2001. Today, Stefanos with his wife Vaso Tori, a philologist, cultivate 2.8ha of rare Greek varieties in no-irrigated vineyards nearby their small hamlet, Sakelariko.


Sakelariko is located in Epirus prefecture and it is laid on the steep slopes above the river Kalamas. The altitude exceeds the 400m and the slope inclination is between 25% and 30%. The east aspect and the gentle air circulation help the grapes to reach their full maturation earlier than other vineyards of the region, avoiding the malovelent spring rains.

Grape Variety

Stefanos and Vaso cultivate two plots (0.6ha) of old vines, over thirty (30) years old, from the indigenous white Greek variety Debina. The plot names are “raches” and “dragatsoura” and the soil texture is clay-loam with pH around 6.0. The vines are grafted on R110 rootstocks.

They also grow 0,45ha of Vlachiko, a rare red Greek variety. The plot name is “glines” and the soil texture is clay-loam with pH around 6.0.

The couple is planning to add 0.7ha of Debina and 1.1ha of Vlachiko, in the years to come.